To the 70th anniversary of Victor Yu. Dmitriev

Pamirs - Roof of the World.
Height - four thousand meters.
Three paleontologists - in the center, as always, VYu Dmitriev

Our greetings

Dear Victor! That's really a surprise! Anniversary, and not simple – double! Seventy total, and twenty-five of them – with us! And what to say – so accustomed that one could not imagine how a quarter century ago, you were somewhere in another lab! That was wrong, but right now – all fine! Because without your wise smile, without ironic, timely parables of the recalled past life ("One of my collectors once in the Pamirs ... "), without your cautious good humor laboratory would have lost so much! I'm not talking about your contribution to our science - a walking encyclopaedia, especially Paleozoic stratigraphy and stratigraphic methods and approaches in general, your ideas and developments on the dynamics of taxonomic diversity - now all that's obviously one of the pillars upon which prestige and success of the Lab rest! Very selfishly wish you health, once again the health, confidence, luck, happiness, joy and love in the family and in the laboratory! We love you!

Your APR and all-all-all PIN insects

The best field trip among many beautiful ones (not for fossil insects, no, but at least to the Permian) - in 1987 with Victor Yurievich. Alpine heights, swift rivers, far distances, snow and glaciers... The helicopter carries us past the Ridge of Peter the Great and the Peak of Communism. VYu is reliable, unruffled, aimed forward and upward. All are terribly young and incredibly happy!


And once again about the survival curves

More than 10 years ago, VYu Dmitriev suggested to use the method of analysis of biological diversity to differ materially from the widespread methodology used, particularly in the classical works of J. Sepkoski. The new method makes the analysis of changes in the number of taxa in time mathematically correct. It would seem that all talking about this subject should rejoice together and rush to introduce new methods into practice. Because now 2x2 certainly getting 4 and not 666! No way! It was unanimously ignored. I do not know how to Victor’s, but in my life it was the largest scientific disappointment. Nevertheless, I feel I should congratulate VYu with this truly remarkable achievement.

A.G. Ponomarenko